Picture the scene: A group of British ‘rosbifs’ in all manner of costumes romping through the countryside and bringing typical ‘Anglais’ eccentricity to the tranquillity of local hamlets as they hunt for answers to the devious clues.

This is The Wacky Races – a 2 day event to northern France where you will need to master various skills and talents such as map reading, navigation, observation, question solving plus working out the devious clues and perhaps improving your language skills as you seek help from the French locals. It will bring villages to a stop – particularly as the group will be wearing all manner of fancy dress costume (strictly optional but it really does add to the sense of occasion).

The route rambles through the forgotten France of yesteryear. Coastal backroads, B roads through the valleys and hills, stop offs in tiny hamlets and scenic villages. During the day you will be answering cryptic questions, chasing down dodgy clues, collecting items and all the time the clock is ticking and your mileage is mounting. Complete the route in the target distance and reach the checkpoint on time and you could be the winners. You will need to work as a team and decide your strategy and the more answers you get the more points you earn

At the checkpoint finish which will be at your overnight hotel the points are added up and over dinner the prizes awarded plus bonus awards for the best fancy dress.

The next day is time to explore a little more and perhaps enjoy a lunch at a local restaurant before returning to Calais and the ferry back to ‘Blighty’.

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