Iceland – a land of fable, fire and ice is a spectacular country of contrasts. Here, a volcano erupts every five years yet Iceland also boasts the largest glacier in Europe. When the temperature is at minus 10 you can be swimming outside in a crystal blue geo thermal lagoon. The nearest part of Europe to the USA, Iceland brings new meaning to the word rugged; no trees, lava beds everywhere, spectacular waterfalls, miles of glaciers and raging rivers. This will be unlike any other place you have ever visited.  Of course as great as the scenery is this Tour is all about adventure:

The action kicks off with a kart racing GP at a superb newly built indoor circuit on the edge of the capital city. The karts are fast, the track is challenging and the competition is intense. The adventure continues in Glacier country where you will get the chance to   drive a Super Jeep.  These are specially equipped 4×4 vehicles that have been fitted with 44 inch extra large and wide Glacier tyres. These make it possible for the Jeeps to travel in heavy snow and to reach parts of the glaciers that ordinary 4x4s couldn’t hope to achieve. The vehicles are also fitted with GPS navigational gear so they can be driven all over the interior of the country in zero visibility.

The Jeeps are serious fun but Snowmobiling is even better and the fact that you will have a full day on these awesome machines on the Icelandic Glaciers makes it perfect! These 600 cc machines are capable of over 80 mph – incredible enough but you are doing it on ice and snow. If you have never driven one of these machines before you will be amazed with the acceleration but remember braking on ice can be interesting!

But for sheer excitement add on an incredible passenger ride in a 1000bhp drag racing 4×4 which charges up the side of a quarry for a white knuckle experience.

Of course we include a visit to the fascinating Blue Lagoon outdoor Spa and all transfers will be included along with a stylish, contemporary 4 star city centre hotel.

A remarkable trip. For full details please contact us 

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