– James Bond eat your heart out….

A fabulous day on the track but with a difference…

Remember the stunt driving antics from films such as The Italian Job, Bullitt and The Transporter? Ever wondered how to do a J turn or handbrake 180? Well, after a day with our stunt driving experts and exclusive use of a private track you’ll go away knowing just what to do and more importantly how to do it.

In the morning you will be spending the time learning how to recreate those car driving stunts seen in the movies and on the TV.

With an expert sitting alongside you will soon be flicking the car through a series of handbrake turns, reverse ‘J’ turns, drifting, doughnuts, spinning and much more.

A break for lunch and then it’s back into the cars but now the track has been transformed into a race circuit and with one-to-one instruction you will be positively encouraged to hurl the car around the track as you attempt to set faster and faster times.

To conclude the day, there will be a ‘race-off’ for all guests who will attempt to set the lap record and to the winner goes the trophy – an unforgettable day for the enthusiast driver.

And after the track action what better way to relax than in a hotel with a splendid awards dinner and a late bar…

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