High speed track driving without the hassles and worries of Armco and gravel traps. Operating on an open tarmac venue the guests will spend the day jumping in an out of a range of high performance vehicles and positively encouraged to use the loud pedal as often as possible! The event can be tailored to suit specific requirements but generally we would recommend a package of cars and simple on-site hospitality. A typical car selection would be Porsche, Lotus, Subaru, Mitsubishi and Caterham.

The day has both a strong fun element but also structured on an ‘educational’ basis; the drivers will be with an experienced instructor at all times so will go away with an understanding of how to drive safely in any vehicle, with an emphasis on car control and speed awareness.

The event is not run like a race school. The instructors and drivers decide themselves on the pace of the driving and this depends on individual capability. Normally however, the instructors are pushing the guests to drive more quickly than they felt possible! Of course on a wide open airfield there is no danger of hitting ‘track fixtures’ such as Armco, walls and gravel traps like on a circuit.

This means that the guests are more inclined to ‘have a go and give it max’ which results in an even more enjoyable day.  The cars are fully track prepared and workshop maintained to ensure an excellent days driving. The selection of vehicles available features Porsche’s potent 320bhp 911C2, Lotus’s lively 160bhp Elise, Mitsubishi’s mighty 320 bhp Evo VII and Subaru’s stunning 265 bhp Impreza WRX plus of course the fantastic iconic lightweight Caterham. The highlight will be driving the Ferrari which will also be used to provide high speed ‘white knuckle’ passenger laps with a race driver at the wheel. Regardless of the selection made everyone will get an amazing opportunity to experience driving great cars in a fun packed and light hearted event.

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