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The Nissan GT-R is a poster car for a whole generation of car nuts and celebrated today with our rather lovely Pic Of The Week, shot by Luc Lacey from Autocar and with our Dan at the wheel. Of course, in this digital age we don’t really do posters any more do we. So consider this the digital equivalent, prepared in the usual selection of formats below for you to download and add to the desktop of your device of choice.


GT-R spotters will recognise this as the latest MY2017 GT-R from its more angular and chiselled front end. OK, so it’s still no oil painting in the conventional sense. But, as argued previously, the GT-R is as interesting for its design as it is its engineering. And, squatting low over its rear axle and with its inside front raised in that characteristic cornering pose, this shot perfectly demonstrates the mechanical violence unleashed by its still formidable performance.


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