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Iceland – with 130 volcanic mountains, glaciers that cover 10% of the island and hundreds of lakes and waterfalls – this is a dramatic country. Almost a lunar landscape at times, Iceland is a perfect setting for a tour to a country that is quite unlike any other in the world.

It also offers all manner of adventures. Wildside can even arrange for you to camp out overnight on the top of a huge glacier (see photo) and in tents (very Scott of the Antarctic) but with cosy sleeping bags, open fires and dinner cooked by the support crew you won’t quite be roughing it as much as Scott. Be lucky with the weather and you could be dining out under the Northern Lights.

From deep sea fishing to 4×4 glacier driving; wilderness snowmobile riding to hot lake swimming; quad bike adventures to quarry drag racing and with one of the best city nightlife scenes around; this has to be one of the great yet undiscovered destinations. At only 3 hours from the UK this is a country that is so close but feels so completely different.

snow jeep iceland
glacier iceland pic

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