Great Customer Service from Wildside

We like to feel that Wildside offers exceptional service to our customers. We appreciate the people that book with us for a Wildside trip have often spent a lot of money and are often taking part in an event or enjoying an experience that is ‘once in a lifetime’. We really do care and see each of our customers as an individual and not just a number. We want them to get the maximum out of the trip and their investment. That can mean sorting out the customer’s last minute changes and requests to offering advice about local restaurants; from being available 24/7 on the phone for any on-event issues or indeed usually accompanying the group. One major difference to other companies is that the customer will be dealing direct with the person who organised the tour and has been talking with them from day one – the personal touch. At the end we treat our customers like we would want to be treated. It’s not a difficult thing to do and possibly explains why Wildside has very high level of repeat business.

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