Forgotten Heroes (Number 5)

This time perhaps forgotten is not quite accurate – maybe ignored would be more appropriate. In motorsport there are very few records that do not eventually get broken. However, there is one Englishman who will probably never have his record and achievement equalled. It is difficult enough to win one world championship let alone eight; but to win on both 2 wheels and 4? How tough is that? And these were not just minor ‘mickey mouse’ championships but the 350cc and 500cc Motorcycle Grand Prix and Formula One World Championships. Now aged 80, John Surtees achieved this incredible feat with MV Augusta (bikes) and Ferrari (F1) and just to show what an all-round racer he was he also won the Isle of Man TT, won the Can-Am Series and finished 3rd at Le Mans. This is a person who would race and win in almost anything. He remains the only person to have achieved the remarkable 2 and 4 wheel World double yet is largely unknown. We should treasure our heroes and it somehow seems a shame that such a unique individual and unique achievement is almost unacknowledged.

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