Drive A Classic (Part Two)

OK, so in part one I gave the positives for driving an older car – of course I have just had the 968 serviced so here is the other side of the coin. I really do know that driving something a little out of the ordinary and relatively rare and quite old means garage bills can add up. Each time it goes in there is always something. This time, the catalytic convertor had cracked: ‘never seen that before on a 968’ said Chris the owner of the Porsche specialist I use followed by ‘nothing available in the UK’. Of course a bad cat means a failed MoT so it needs a fix. Two weeks later a second hand cat was found and installed and a new MoT followed. Move on 2 weeks and there is an annoying water leak – top it up every couple of days and it’s OK. Anyway, into Chris and the announcement that a new rad is needed but ‘there’s nothing available in the UK’ so an order goes in and eventually a rad appears. We have now been relieved of several hundred pounds but the car is going great – until the next time. So you must, I suppose, have some pain to really enjoy the pleasure and if 968 prices are going up then the money ‘made’ will cover the bills. That’s the theory anyway and of course you can convince yourself of anything if you really want to.

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