Drive A Classic (Part One)

For a good many years I have always owned an old Porsche – nothing exotic just a string of 944s and 968s. In fact I am now on my eighth – a deep blue 1993 968. The pleasures of owning a (modern) ‘classic’ are hard to define. Even a run of the mill hatchback now gets to 60 faster and is better equipped, cheaper to maintain and has longer service breaks but……you can’t put a price on driving something that is not mass produced, not designed by a computer and has plenty of character. Of course being a 968 there are not many around and it’s still surprising (and let’s be honest good for the ego) when someone says: ‘nice car’. I know it has a few rattles, the odd scratch and even a cassette/radio (remember them?) on the other hand there are no computerised electronic driver aids so you are really driving the car and for an old bugger like me that is what the driving experience is all about. It also cost me less than £5000 to buy (2 years ago)and having just looked at Autotrader prices are going up so it could even be an investment. (see Part two about that).

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