Caterham Seven 310 announced | PistonHeads

Based on the 270, the 310 is an ‘unplanned baby’ (their words, not ours), born after the firm’s motorsport department decided to upgrade the 1.6-litre Ford engine to allow racers to move up to the Supersport category from Tracksport.
The intention was to make various tweaks to increase the power, then offer it as an upgrade for existing owners. But then bosses drove it, got misty-eyed about the old Rover-powered Superlight R300 (which, it claims, shared the 310’s balance of performance and drivability), and decided to launch it as a new model.

Those tweaks? They’re not particularly extensive. Think new high-performance camshafts, a new air filter, breather system and spark plugs, topped off by an ECU remap. This results in an extra 17hp, taking the 310’s total output to 154hp.


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