Always Buy A Shirt In Rome

A couple of weeks ago I was in Rome looking after a group of 42 lawyers (all of whom had a great time by the way driving vintage Fiat 500s, riding pillion on a fleet of 1960s Vespas, pizza making and wine tasting etc.,) when I thought I might just buy a couple of nice shirts. There is something rather special about Italian clothes and I particularly like their shirts. However, I thought I don’t really need to spend 100 Euros on something I don’t really need and I could hear my girlfriend uttering those very same words. Returning home and keen to impress the other half with my thrifty ways I was somewhat surprised to see a 63 plate black Mini Cooper S sitting in front. The other half had decided to change her car the weekend I was away. So the moral of the story is always buy that shirt in Rome at least it’s less expensive than a Cooper S. By the way, the car is incredibly good – fast amazingly good on fuel and with the JCW body kit looks great. Finally, I should also point out that my other half bought the car with her own money. So it’s pretty good news really as I get to enjoy her car (from time to time).

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