A Love of Porsche

I drive an old (that’s 20 years old) Porsche 968 – in fact this is my third after a string of 944s – and like all the others in the past;  Nothway Porsche take care of keeping the old girl on the road. I was over at Ray’s last week for the annual service and we got to talking about the ‘old days’.  Amazingly, it has been almost 20 years since Wildside organised the first Northway Weekend Champagne Run to Reims. So, for 2012 it’s time for a revival as we head once more to the vineyards of northern France, great back-road routes, a visit to the classic Reims GP circuit and a private champagne tasting at a small champagne house – oh and 2 nights at a lakeside hotel.  All for around £220 per person including the ferry. If you want to join the trip which will be in October next year then just drop an email to Wildside for more info wildside@adren-a-line.com

So the final GP of the year is looming. It seems like the season has been going on for ever with the first race back in March in Australia. Next year with 20 races planned and a nine month calendar it’s going to be equally packed.  This has been part of a trend – in 1955 there were just 7 GPs;  in 1965 there were 10 races and by 1995 it was up to 17.  I imagine 20 must be about the limit but with new GP circuits being announced every couple of months who knows when Bernie will stop – 25 races and a year round series with two weeks break between each season?

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