Abu Dhabi F1 GP

Dubai is one of the world’s most fascinating, sophisticated, and sought-after destinations and with good reason. Dubai surprises and delights at every turn. Stunning contemporary architecture soars over the bustling souks: traders – ancient and modern ply their business side by side. Massive investment in the past 20 years has produced some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, beautifully manicured golf courses, immaculate parks and just 45 minutes from the superb Yas Marina Circuit that hosts the penultimate GP of the World Championship in 2011. This all contrasts with the natural splendour of timeless desert wildernesses and the distant Hajar Mountains. This is a place where you can experience the height of luxury one minute and the adrenalin of adventure the next.

Of course, the highlight may be the GP but before that you will have an exclusive action visit to the surrounding desert on the Dubai/Sharjah border. Towering dunes and miles and miles of desert wilderness; this is the prefect recipe for a full day of sand bashing in 4x4s.

Enjoy a unique perspective of Dubai that will forever remain in your memory. Pounding over the desert in rugged 4x4s bashing the wadis (running the dried out river beds) and cresting the sand dunes. But the action doesn’t stop when you arrive at the wilderness camp in the midst of the sand dunes. Here you will be faced by a fleet of powerful desert equipped dune buggies and quad bikes; and once behind the wheel you are off another expedition but this time it’s up close and personal as you are just a few centimetres off the sand and you are doing the driving. With deep treaded sand tyres these machines will take you to areas that even the 4x4s can’t reach.

Located less than an hour from the fabulous Yas Marina Circuit, we will arrive at the track in plenty of time for you to enjoy the stunning attractions of the unique Ferrari World such as riding the world’s fastest roller coaster (0-150 mph in 4.2 seconds) in the world’s largest indoor theme park. The facilities at the circuit are incredible with sofas, air conditioning, fantastic views, restaurants and fully stocked bars. This is unlike just about any other racing circuit. Add in a superb beach front hotel, chauffeur transfers throughout and glorious sunshine – this brings GP watching to a whole new level.

Event Details

Date: November 10-14
Price: £ From £1595 per person


» Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
» 5 days/4 nights
» See the penultimate Formula One GP
» Minimum group size 12 people
» Maximum group size 40 people
» Exclusive event

What's Included

» Optional flights
» 4 nights 5 star hotel accommodation
» Breakfast each day
» Selected dinners
» All transfers
» Top Grandstand seats
» Entry to Ferrari World at Yas Marina Circuit
» Optional Kart Racing at the Dubai Autodrome circuit
» Half day desert 4x4 off roading
» Half day desert dune quad bike and dune buggy safari
» Attendance of Wildside Management team throughout the event

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Julien Piombino

This kind of events for car is extremely expensive and often too fake/posh. But this one for bikes is extremely reasonable, even cheap I will say and it's a familly. The road books are the best I've ever had. I've just done 3 Cannonballs, and they were all different and all great. The organisers are far better than they look.

05 October, 2021

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Tom Harvey

Amazing trip, it's now a yearly event! Always so excited to go and so sad to leave.

19 October, 2021

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Jon Bridle

Nick and the team always deliver a fantastic event focussed on the customers having a great time while enjoying a motor racing theme.They must be doing something right as I have enjoyed 20 consecutive trips to Le Mans

16 October, 2021

Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

John Cuthbertson

Fantastic events, great people and wonderful organisation.

15 October, 2021