Walk on the Wildside for Christmas

Christmas is looming  and it’s the age old issue of what to buy. I can’t help you because I never know. Of course if you are stuck for an idea why not treat yourself and then hand over the bill to the wife/girlfriend/significant other.

In that case might I suggest a Wildside F1 Driving course?  It might be a little expensive compared  to  another jumper….Anyway, the big issue at Christmas is just how many parties you can get invited to and just how much ‘free’ food and ‘free’ drink you can get through. On many of these occasions the booze is a necessary essential to get through a lunchtime or evening of meeting some really uninteresting people as this is often the only time in a year  you meet the ‘other half’.

Of course, the opposite is always true and you meet some fascinating people. Last weekend; I had two parties to attend.  One with a bunch of old muckers that I have know for years and that was a perfect lunch of old war stories which finished far too early at 6.30pm. The next night it was my girlfriend’s office bash.

Expectations low but delivery was great. I met a chap who was a petrolhead and actually owned a 968. So the rest of the evening passed in a gentle alcoholic haze of swapped stories and exchange of car histories. So next time you get invited to something you don’t’ really want to attend – just got for it and never say no. It could actually be a lot better than you imagine.



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