Creative – Professional – Detail – Value
These are the hallmarks of Wildside, a company with 31 years of expertise operating on the leading edge of event creation and management. We understand what works. We know how to stand out from the crowd – to offer inspirational events with seamless efficiency that generate memories to last a lifetime.

“When you or your guests are still talking about last year’s event one year on, we know our job is done”

What do we do?
Wildside specialise in producing the extraordinary. We deliver solutions that will frankly amaze your audience with an event that really cannot be bought off the shelf.  Our events are entirely bespoke and custom made. We will design a programme that precisely fits your needs, audience, budget and objectives.

Where are we?
Wildside UK is west of London . We also have partners in Scandinavia, France, Italy, Spain, Africa, and Australia.

Events for 1 person to 100 plus
Wildside can and do arrange events for just one person to groups of over a hundred; from half-a-day to over a week. We’ll work with you to fulfil your brief, maximise your budget, make suggestions and deliver a flawless event. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you design, plan and manage your next event.

Who are we?

Wildside is run by Nick Duncan and Steve Mason. Both are hugely experienced with many years in event management between them.  Nick runs the UK office.  They strongly believe in the personal touch and oversee each enquiry right through to personally hosting group events.  We are delighted to chat about how we can make your next event the best so for inspiration simply contact Wildside by calling this number: +44 (0) 118 9 475 200 or drop us an email


Petri Suuronen. Editor, BIKE Finland

And another thing…we both had thought Cannonball Bike Run is just a one time thing that gets crossed off the bucket list. But holy crap! It’s the best thing ever and we are totally doing it again!


Just wanted to say a massive thanks for hosting a fantastic few days in Miami – I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life and I thought the organisation and planning was superb!

D. Linton

Thanks for what will hopefully not be a once in a life time trip, keep me in the loop with all future trips. LIVING THE DREAM DUDE!

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Drive an F1 on a Grand Prix circuit

Imagine the scene:  A pit garage at a Grand Prix circuit in Europe. The engine is fired up and that distinctive and glorious roar of an F1 race car warming up sets the pulse racing.  You are fitted into the cockpit, harness tightened and then waved onto the circuit – the track is all yours. All […]

The Cannonball Bike Run 2022

Since 2005 Wildside has organised Europe’s greatest motorcycle adventure. We have taken riders to over 30 countries from the deserts of North Africa to the very summit of Alpine Mountain passes. The CBR is an event like other and an experience that will be remembered forever. Entries are now being accepted for our 2022 Run […]

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Julien Piombino

This kind of events for car is extremely expensive and often too fake/posh. But this one for bikes is extremely reasonable, even cheap I will say and it's a familly. The road books are the best I've ever had. I've just done 3 Cannonballs, and they were all different and all great. The organisers are far better than they look.

05 October, 2021

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Tom Harvey

Amazing trip, it's now a yearly event! Always so excited to go and so sad to leave.

19 October, 2021

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Jon Bridle

Nick and the team always deliver a fantastic event focussed on the customers having a great time while enjoying a motor racing theme.They must be doing something right as I have enjoyed 20 consecutive trips to Le Mans

16 October, 2021

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John Cuthbertson

Fantastic events, great people and wonderful organisation.

15 October, 2021