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F1 engineer makes ‘first flat-pack truck’ – BBC News

One of motorsport’s most acclaimed designers, Gordon Murray, has produced a vehicle that “ranks above anything else I’ve ever done”.

The Ox is billed as “the world’s first flat-pack van” – a two-wheel drive, off-roader made of marine plywood that can be assembled by non-experts in under 12 hours and travel 1,000km (620 miles) without filling up.
It’s aimed at remote areas of, say Africa, where transporting food or equipment over difficult terrain is a problem.
It isn’t quite as fast as Mr Murray’s McLaren F1 supercar, but he hopes it will reach more people – thousands rather than a hundred or so.
The BBC’s transport correspondent Richard Westcott got to test drive the Ox.

Porsche 911 Targa 4S (2016) review

Another new 911? Well, Porsche embarked on a ‘991.2’ update across the core models in the 911 range in 2015, including those controversial new downsized turbocharged engines – and now it’s the flip-top Targa’s turn.

Both of the new 3.0-litre turbo lumps are available for the Targa; the regular Targa 4 model gets the base engine with 365bhp, and the top Targa 4S version tested here the full 414bhp monte.

You can read more about the regular non-S Targa 4 in Chris Chilton’s review here. The ‘4’ in both models’ names, of course, signifies all-wheel drive – which is currently all the 911 Targa is offered with.

The cars that built the legend: Inside Museo Storica Alfa Romeo

It is more or less impossible to maintain a consistent train of thought in the Alfa Romeo museum, a place where each car eclipses the last in endless one-upmanship. Chronology is a noble concept, and a credible enough mechanism with which to try to navigate so much virtuoso art and engineering, but chronology doesn’t legislate for cars like the Pro-Car 164, the geometry of Pininfarina’s front-drive flagship subverted by mile-wide slicks, a brooding ride height and a 620bhp, 3.5-litre F1 V10. Or cars like the 33 Stradale.

The Alfa story began many decades earlier of course, and the first production car is in here, but you find yourself drawn to the 33 Stradale like a moth to an inferno. One of only two mid-engined production cars in Alfa’s back catalogue, the 33 Stradale might claim to be the most beautiful car ever built.

Thought Of The Day 

If you want to drive a perfectionist insane, tell them you’ll cross all the I’s and dot all the T’s.

Lewis Hamilton equals Ayrton Senna with fifth Italian Grand Prix pole

Lewis Hamilton is in a league of his own as he dominates qualifying on his way to pole position at the Italian Grand Prix.

The Porsche Cayenne Platinum Edition- a Car You’ll Never Want to Leave

A car you’ll be hoping to get stuck in traffic in.

The 500th LaFerrari to be built

Maranello, August 31st, 2016 – On the occasion of the bilateral summit between the Italian and German governments that took place at Ferrari today, Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne announced that Ferrari will produce an additional LaFerrari, one more than the original 499 planned.

The 500th LaFerrari of this limited edition series, the first hybrid supercar by the Prancing Horse, will be sold at auction to benefit the people of central Italy affected by the earthquake of the 24th of August.

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