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McLaren considers electric future | PistonHeads

News conferences for financial results are rarely the most thrilling of events, even for companies making cars as exciting as McLaren. Listening to lots of numbers always feels a bit like trying to browse an Excel spreadsheet, although McLaren’s were mostly good. The company is still expanding – it’s just taken on another 250 production staff in Woking – while 2015 was its third profitable year during which it made 1,654 cars. Turnover declined during the same period – dropping five per cent to a still-healthy £450m – largely as the end of P1 production knocked the revenue-per-car.

Le Mans 2017

• Return ferry crossing Dover-Calais for car and passengers

• Back-road route through Suisse-Normand region

• Road books for the entire tour

• Accommodation in a spa hotel with en-suite

• Friday night 3 course dinner with wine

• Tented accommodation at Le Mans circuit

• Full hospitality for Saturday & Sunday of the 24 Hours race

• Safe parking on-site at the Wildside Group A Basecamp

• Full staffing team at Basecamp

• Private Wildside Group A coach for night-time track tour

• Circuit Admission and Grandstand tickets arranged

• £10,000,000 Tour Operator Insurance Cover

• Escorted throughout

The Corvette Grand Sport Is the Thinking Man’s Vette

With all respect to that Incredible Hulk, the Corvette Z06, you don’t need 650 horsepower to have a good time. And yet, the standard-issue Stingray does raise a few questions on track.

The emphatic answer is the Corvette Grand Sport. This is the thinking man’s Corvette, with the thick-hipped supercar body, suspension, and LeMans-bred aerodynamics of the Z06, but minus the supercharged overkill and the starting price of around $80,000. Instead, you’re looking at $66,445 for the Grand Sport coupe, and an extra $4,000 for the convertible. The coupe costs just $5,000 more than a Stingray Z51, and $10,000 more than a base Stingray.

That, for a 6.2-liter, 460-horsepower Detroit enforcer that chews up laps and spits out lesser cars. A sports car so proudly American that it deserves its own Declaration, affirming the self-evident truths of a front-mounted, naturally aspirated V-8 and optional manual transmission. The hot pursuit of happiness includes a 3.6-second romp to 60 mph and an 11.8-second quarter mile, both accomplished with the optional Z07 track package and eight-speed, paddle-shifted automatic. That’s an accelerative gain of 0.4 and 0.2 seconds, respectively, over the standard Stingray coupe.

Europe’s BMW i8 & Lamborghini Huracan vs America’s Dodge SRT Hellcat & Ford Mustang

A backstage video from CAR magazine UK’s recent Days Of Thunder road trip across America in four special sports cars. It’s a high-octane Ryder Cup of cars

Step inside the world’s greatest Bugatti collection

Has there ever been a family quite like the Bugattis? Carlo, born in Milan in 1856, was a 19th century Leonardo Da Vinci, a multi-discipline virtuoso whose boundless imagination and creative fervour found form through hands of extraordinary skill. He designed and made fine furniture, he drew, he painted and he never stopped pushing himself.

At 50 he became a silversmith against the advice of his peers, who pointed out that proficiency requires 30 years of practice. A year later Carlo was turning out award-winning pieces. Son Rembrandt’s sculptures captured the natural world’s wild beauty in incredible bronzes – lifeless cast metal given grace by his preternatural talent. And then there was Ettore, who understandably felt out-gunned at art school and strove instead, together with his son Jean, to blend art and engineering in the finest cars the world would know.

Ponder some of Bugatti’s finest works – the diminutive but dominant Type 35 grand prix car, the otherworldly Atlantic, the monstrous train-engined Royale – and, given their rarity and worth, it’s inconceivable that you might find an example of almost every car in Molsheim’s back catalogue in one place. But in a vast steel and glass building in the Californian seaside town of Oxnard, American businessman Peter Mullin keeps arguably the greatest Bugatti collection in the world, the result of an extraordinary passion for the marque.

Classic Cars Vs. Their Modern Versions

There’s nothing like a classic car to give you that old taste where a car was a dirty rough machine that made you feel alive.

5 things to do with… An Aston Martin V12 Vantage S manual | PistonHeads

We look at five things to do with the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S manual. Using a dog-leg seven-speed manual, Aston makes the driver part of the equatio

Nissan GT-R drift car 

A quick taste of the mad 1,390hp Nissan GT-R drift car, holder of the 189mph sideways record and doing its thing on a rare visit to the UK.

2017 Porsche 718 Cayman S: So close, yet so far

With a sports car you need a few things: looks, speed, relative comfort and noise. Fuel economy, while important, isn’t really a concern for most Porsche buyers — and if it is, a Prius will do just fine.

With the 718 Cayman S, Porsche’s managed to get nearly all of the key points right, with one glaring misstep. Let’s start with the good bits, shall we?

With every new iteration of a car there’s always going to be a fresh look. It can be minor or quite significant. The 718 Cayman’s facelift is somewhere between the two. It’s still recognizably a Cayman, keeping a familiar silhouette, but it’s more refined than its curvy predecessor. Most noticeably, its front end now has a sharper nose that announces the car rather nicely. Its sides and rear have been firmed up as well, with the rear being given some smoothing cream.

Volkswagen close to finalising 2017 World Rally Car design

Volkswagen will finalise the specification of its Polo R for the World Rally Championship’s 2017 rules revamp by the end of this month.

The German firm has just concluded its latest round of testing with the new car and technical director Francois-Xavier Demaison said it was now in the final development phase.

“Everything has to be with the FIA for homologation for November 1,” Demaison said.

“After that, we cannot change anything – the only thing that will change is if the FIA is not happy with something.

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