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Bugatti Now Considering Building The Galibier

Every automaker has its unicorn; the car that is always rumored to get built but for one reason or another never seems to happen. For Bugatti, that car is the Galibier, the super luxurious and super powerful 1,000-horsepower sedan that the French automaker unveiled in 2009. Over the following seven years, decision-makers at Bugatti have waffled over the production of the Galibier about as often as a Spider-Man movie reboot. It’s going to be built one day and going to be shelved the next. However, it appears that Bugatti is finally considering the Galibier as a production model again, albeit with a catch. It’s one of four different alternatives that the company is looking at to replace the yet-to-arrive Bugatti Chiron…

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2017 McLaren 570GT – First Drive Review

An entire industry has emerged to tell rich people what luxury is—and how they can spend more of their money on it. Not long ago this was an easy question to both ask and answer for almost any object: Is it made of gold and/or can I encrust it with diamonds? Yet modern moguls are no longer content with mere gaudy excess, and attempts to define contemporary luxury support a raft of publications aimed at those with more money than either taste or time. One recent suggestion we came across—in a well-thumbed magazine in a dentist’s waiting room—was that “luxury means not having to make compromises…

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McLaren 675LT : 0-290 km/h (Motorsport)

Come onboard the McLaren 675LT for an acceleration from 0 to 290 km/h. SUBSCRIBE HER

Chris Evans & Matt LeBlanc Car Shopping – New Top Gear Teaser

Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc go car shopping: it’s another glimpse of Top Gear. We’ve seen the new TG TV presenters in the glamorous settings of Morocco

Mercedes AMG GTS vs Porsche 911 Carrera GTS – Top Gear: Drag Races

The mighty GT S takes on Porsche’s venerable 911. Who will win? Check out more at: www.topgear.com Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos

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A Ferrari 250 GT TdF! An Aston Vulcan! Blackpool! Rain! – New Top Gear Teaser

With the Great British Summer officially upon us, may we present to you the latest trailer for Top Gear TV.

And it kicks off, as any self-respecting British summer should, with a rain-soaked seaside resort. Chris and Matt have never looked happier than when visiting Blackpool…

Max Verstappen tops the list of youngest race winners in Formula 1

1. Max Verstappen (18 years, seven months, five days)

This is a record that could stand for some time. Max Verstappen’s win in Spain came only seven days after he was promoted from junior team Toro Rosso to Red Bul
2. Sebastian Vettel (21 years, two months, 11 days)

Sebastian Vettel did not need to be promoted to Red Bull to clinch his first win, doing it with Toro Rosso at the Italian Grand Prix in September 2008. The Red Bull switch and four subsequent world titles came a little later

3. Fernando Alonso (22 years, 26 days) ..

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BMW i8 vs BMW M4 – Top Gear: Drag Race!

It’s BMW’s petrol-fuelled icon up against the exotic hybrid pioneer. Who’ll win?

Max Verstappen: Just how good is the record-breaking teenager?

His victory in the Spain on Sunday makes him the youngest driver in history to win a Formula 1 grand prix – by two years and 210 days. He is 18 years and 228 days old.

He has broken the record set by his predecessor at Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel. And the reason no-one is likely to surpass it is that so young was Verstappen when he made his debut last year that F1 has since set a minimum age of 18 for entry into the sport.

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