One-Off Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa by Zagato

This extremely rare (1 of 1) Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa by Zagato was recently snapped in The Netherlands. See it here!

A Tour Of Japanese Motorsport In The 1990s 

The recent increase in interest surrounding motorsport in Japan, more specifically Super GT, has been refreshing to see.

F1 community adds its tributes to Justin Wilson

Jenson Button, Mark Webber and Bernie Ecclestone are among those to lend their tributes to the late Justin Wilson, following his death, aged 37.

Jenson Button speaks of his horror at the blood test which confirmed he and wife were ‘gassed’ in midnight raid

Briton has spoken of his raid ‘horror’ and has claimed the blood tests prove he and his wife were gassed

Forget Dream Teams – what would be the ultimate “Nightmare F1 Team”

Source:  Interesting idea – who would be your prefect Nightmare F1 Team?

Group A

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F1: Honda eyeing Ferrari with Spa update

Honda is aiming to match Ferrari’s power output with the updated Formula 1 engine it will introduce for the forthcoming Belgian Grand Prix

New Bugatti Hypercar

Now with every Veyron officially sold, Bugatti is preparing for its next big supercar. The Chiron, (pronounced Shir-on), is reportedly ready to bow sometime in 2016. The new car will be lighter, more nimble, and more powerful.

Turbos, Whale Tails And Widebodies Made The Kremer Porsches So Kickass

In the 1970s, Erwin Kremer and his brother Manfred looked at the factory Porsche turbo race cars and then turned them to twelve, because eleven just didn’t cut it anymore.

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Drive an F1 on a Grand Prix circuit

Imagine the scene:  A pit garage at a Grand Prix circuit in Europe. The engine is fired up and that distinctive and glorious roar of an F1 race car warming up sets the pulse racing.  You are fitted into the cockpit, harness tightened and then waved onto the circuit – the track is all yours. All […]

The Cannonball Bike Run 2022

Since 2005 Wildside has organised Europe’s greatest motorcycle adventure. We have taken riders to over 30 countries from the deserts of North Africa to the very summit of Alpine Mountain passes. The CBR is an event like other and an experience that will be remembered forever. Entries are now being accepted for our 2022 Run […]

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Julien Piombino

This kind of events for car is extremely expensive and often too fake/posh. But this one for bikes is extremely reasonable, even cheap I will say and it's a familly. The road books are the best I've ever had. I've just done 3 Cannonballs, and they were all different and all great. The organisers are far better than they look.

05 October, 2021

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Tom Harvey

Amazing trip, it's now a yearly event! Always so excited to go and so sad to leave.

19 October, 2021

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Jon Bridle

Nick and the team always deliver a fantastic event focussed on the customers having a great time while enjoying a motor racing theme.They must be doing something right as I have enjoyed 20 consecutive trips to Le Mans

16 October, 2021

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John Cuthbertson

Fantastic events, great people and wonderful organisation.

15 October, 2021