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Wildside provide more F1 driving programmes than anyone. And remember there is no catch – all you need is an ordinary driving license and be at least 18 years old and that’s it. You can then be taking to the track (and that could even be a World Championship Grand Prix circuit) in a full-house F1 with no rev limits and no speed limits. You are in control. But don’t just take our word for it read what the best-selling author Iain Banks said in Car magazine:“The F1 cars are still the genuine article – rather more than 700bhp in a body weighing less than 600kg. No rev limiter, no following a pace car and no F3 engine in a F1 body. The power is crushing, awesome, frightening, dazzling. The car reacts to every input like it’s responding to intentions, not actions. I’ve driven more intensely than I’ve ever driven in my life. I felt, and feel, incredibly privileged. So, is it worth it? Worth re-mortgagortgaging the house.”

Only available in Europe, F1 driver for the day  offers the choice of the Grand Prix circuits of  Magny Cours in France and Full Grand Prix circuit at Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain plus now the Hungaroring, Hungary’s famous Grand Prix circuit.

Additionally,   Gonfaron test circuit 25 miles north of St Tropez in the South of France.

In all cases, the driving takes place on a single day – and what a day it is. Upon arrival at the circuit you will be kitted out in F.I.A. approved race gear then taken through a technical briefing and circuit tour that is an education in itself. Before being let loose in the F1 you will take to the track to get up to speed in a single seater Formula Renault 2.0 car – huge fun in its own right! Then after lunch and the F1 briefing, we go straight to the main event – Formula 1!


Benneton B198

The F1 cars available  feature: Benetton B198, Prost AP04, Jaguar R2 and the 2.4 litre V8 2011 Williams FW33 – the most current F1 car available anywhere in the world . The modern generation cars are all equipped with traction control, steering wheel mounted paddle-shift, carbon brakes and up to 700 BHP that generates speed you can only dream of. And you are also able to select either V10 or V8 engines. Of course the power is only half the story, get the brakes up to temperature and your perception of ‘performance’ will be altered forever.

Jaguar R2

                                                                                     Jaguar R2

You won’t arrive at the track to find a crowd of other participants. A maximum of just 18 other drivers per day ensures you get the attention you require for an activity of this nature. Best of all there is a truly refreshing approach from the instructors who are genuinely keen for you to really experience the incredible power and g-forces generated by these cars. This is a world apart from the usual driving school “sausage factory” approach with artificial rev limits and over-bearing instructors.

The whole experience is beyond description. It is the very stuff that dreams are made of……………..

For detailed information about any of these F1 driving courses please contact WILDSIDE

Event Details

Date: March to October
Price: £ From £2875


» All you need is a full driving license
» No racing license or track experience required
» Choice of 4 circuits in Europe including 3 Grand Prix tracks
» Selection of different Formula One cars
» Minimum group size 1 person
» Maximum group size 18 people
» Paddle shift
» V8 or V10 engines
» F1 2 or 3 seater passenger laps
» Minimum age to drive 18 (depending on course)
» Drive F1 Only or All Inclusive packages

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Williams FW33

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