Support a Viper ‘ring lap record attempt! | PistonHeads

Enthusiasts think the Viper ACR can beat the 918 on the Nordschleife; here’s how you can help

Dodge Demon new teaser | PistonHeads

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is going to be even more powerful. Yes, really. You may have already heard in fact, with the hashtag #DodgeDemon doing the rounds on social media and the microsite drawing a few people in as they cringe at the URL.

5 Fastest Cars That Can Drive You Crazy On Your Trip | Curly Tales

Want to feel you own the roads? Here are some of the fastest cars or should we call them supercars that will satiate your appetite for speed.

Lamborghini Aventador S: Review

There’s a weird undercurrent of snobbery when it comes to Winkelmann-era Lamborghini. Sure, he personally embodied the combination of German-schooled rigour and Italian-bred pizzazz that’s seen the brand flourish under Audi’s ownership. To some though he also represented an obsession with style over substance and the dilution of Lamborghini’s reputation for building properly hairy-chested supercars.

Singapore’s first hypercar | PistonHeads

How many times have you heard of a new hypercar coming to Geneva that promises to change the face of fast cars for the super wealthy? Probably quite a few. However, the Vanda Dendrobium project enters the fray with more credibility than most from the off. How? The involvement of Williams Advanced Engineering as technical partner.

Mountain bike vs. Jaguar

With a thriving Pedal Powered forum and several of us here at PH mad into cycling, the combination of cars and bicycles isn’t quite as incongruous as you might think. Same in the car industry, engineers like Andreas Preuninger, seemingly all of the guys at BMW M and many, many more as ready to talk push bikes as they are cars over dinner on press launches.

Cannonball Bike Run 2017

In June 2017, for the first time in Cannonball History, CBR is heading to Great Britain – a fantastic 6 days of the finest riding will take place on the incomparable Isle of Man and in the fabulous Highlands of Scotland. The route will take in the infamous Isle of Man Mountain TT course as […]

New Ford Mustang! | PistonHeads

Did you know that Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, is a Ford ambassador? Well he is, and he’s been used by Ford to reveal the latest Mustang. It’s even been done on social media, an area where both Mr Johnson and the Mustang enjoy a strong following. Indeed The Rock’s Instagram following is greater than the population of the UK, at 75.1 million

Litchfield LM20 revealed at ASI | PistonHeads

Since 1997 – yes, it really was that long ago – Litchfield has been making its name known across the industry for getting big power from Nissan GT-Rs. Of course it has dabbled with other stuff (its lightest RS6 tune makes 660hp, for example) but making fast, four-wheel drive Nissans go even quicker still is what Litchfield is all about.

The Other Roseberg

Nico Rosberg is fast but was his dad faster? Keke Rosberg was the 1982 F1 World Champion when he took the title with just one GP victory (remarkably there were ten different GP winners that season) and he was known for being super cool, a touch arrogant and a trough racer. No better illustration of […]

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Formula One Gift Vouchers

There’s a special occasion approaching…just what do you buy for the ‘petrolhead ’in your life? This time make it something that they will never, ever forget – a drive in a genuine World Championship Formula One car and on a real Grand Prix circuit. You can choose the specific course and circuit or you can […]

Le Mans 24 Hours Race 15-17 June 2018 – our 23rd year!

Le Mans is much more than the greatest endurance race in the world. It has its own ambience and atmosphere and an electricity and excitement that you can almost touch. The bars and cafes in the village run throughout the night and the champagne bar has an inexhaustible supply of bubbly at incredibly good prices […]

Drive an F1 Barcelona GP circuit, Spain

BARCELONA F1 The Circuit De Catalunya just outside Barcelona is the well-established home of the Spanish Grand Prix and has been host to some fantastic races over the years. The location benefits from excellent weather conditions with the track offering a challenging mix of twisty sections, fast sweeping bends and long straights. The cars streak […]