Forgotten Hero

Another ‘holy grail’ was to reach 100mph. That had actually been achieved 3 years earlier by a totally forgotten Frenchman Louis Rigolly in July 1904. Little is known about him but he did appear in some of the races at the turn of the century. The magical number was achieved on an Ostend road in […]

F1 – Changing Times

The 2014 F1 season is heading toward the finish line. And it looks like next year is shaping up into a year of big changes. At the time of writing Vettel looks like to be heading to Ferrari; Alonso may be taking a year off but he is definitely leaving Ferrari; Button might be without […]

Drive A Classic (Part Two)

OK, so in part one I gave the positives for driving an older car – of course I have just had the 968 serviced so here is the other side of the coin. I really do know that driving something a little out of the ordinary and relatively rare and quite old means garage bills […]

Drive A Classic (Part One)

For a good many years I have always owned an old Porsche – nothing exotic just a string of 944s and 968s. In fact I am now on my eighth – a deep blue 1993 968. The pleasures of owning a (modern) ‘classic’ are hard to define. Even a run of the mill hatchback now […]

Always Buy A Shirt In Rome

A couple of weeks ago I was in Rome looking after a group of 42 lawyers (all of whom had a great time by the way driving vintage Fiat 500s, riding pillion on a fleet of 1960s Vespas, pizza making and wine tasting etc.,) when I thought I might just buy a couple of nice […]

Village Life

Since moving into the village I have been amazed by how different life is. One of our neighbours described it as ‘rural light’ – a perfect description. We have the enjoyment of the Thames just 2 minutes away, we look out over fields and there are no bloody traffic jams. We also have two pubs […]

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F1 Gift Voucher Box
Williams FW33

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Formula One Gift Vouchers

There’s a special occasion approaching…just what do you buy for the ‘petrolhead ’in your life? This time make it something that they will never, ever forget – a drive in a genuine World Championship Formula One car and on a real Grand Prix circuit. You can choose the specific course and circuit or you can […]

Le Mans 24 Hours Race 15-17 June 2018 – our 23rd year!

Le Mans is much more than the greatest endurance race in the world. It has its own ambience and atmosphere and an electricity and excitement that you can almost touch. The bars and cafes in the village run throughout the night and the champagne bar has an inexhaustible supply of bubbly at incredibly good prices […]

Hungary F1 drive

Drive an F1, Hungarian GP circuit, Hungaroring.   THE CIRCUIT Full Grand Prix Circuit Length: 3.97 kilometres lap Located just 20 kilometres outside of Budapest the Hungaroring first hosted a GP back in 1986. It was purpose built for F1 and is a track from the ‘old days’. Unlike the latest cloned and even boring […]